I am a Canadian photographer currently living in Tokyo.

I love beauty and find it in almost anything.

I believe in taking time for yourself, accepting grace and really seeing the world, no matter where you are or how far you are able to go.

I make images because they are my art, my expression and my stillness, my connection to life and my reminder to live in life more fully.

I believe images offer more than a chance to view; they also offer the chance to feel in deep and rich ways.

I make images of what I experience in the life around me. I see the quiet, the rest, the love, the joy, the confusion, the fear and the hope.

I believe that in the quiet of seeing these things, these everyday, but often unseen truths, we are able to give ourselves permission to breathe, to exhale, to rest into who and what we are.

Although what I view is not always the same, the way I view, and the voice I carry, remains consistent.

I make images as I grasp for meaning, as I strive for more life and am inspired by the life that is all around me.